How do I find a home inspector near me?

Search Google for home inspectors in your area

Search google or a Map app for “home inspectors near me”, or “home inspectors (your city, state)”. This is the quickest and easiest method to find inspectors close to you. There may not be a home inspector in your neighborhood but most likely one that services your area is within a short travel distance from you.

Search Home Inspection Trade Associations

Another option is to use home inspector trade association search features to search for local qualified inspectors. InterNACHI and ASHI are good places to start. Using their search features you can narrow down results based on your city or zip code.

Ask your Realtor for recommended home inspectors

It’s common to hear and read that using a home inspector your realtor recommends is a big mistake, but this can actually be your best option. There are realtors that are more concerned about selling as many houses as they can, being a commission driven industry it’s just the nature of the beast. Odds are these realtors don’t have many if any good reviews and likely some bad ones. As with most services, asking family, friends or colleagues for recommendations is always a great place to start your research. If you have found a realtor you like and trust that he/she is representing your best interests then there is no reason not to ask what home inspectors they use. Realtors meet many home inspectors and review their inspection reports on a regular basis. They likely have a few that they would prefer to work with if the choice were theirs due to the inspectors professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail and focus on providing a quality service to their clients. Rather than telling a client they have to use a specific home inspector, they typically provide a short list of inspectors they recommend. You should feel confident that any one of the inspectors on the list would be a good choice.

Ask family or friends what home inspectors they use

Many of the reasons to trust your realtor for a good home inspector recommendation applies to family and friends. If they own or have purchased a home locally then chances are they hired a local home inspector. They may tell you not to use the one they hired and that’s just as helpful as if they tell you the one they used was great.

Search inspectors on social media and marketplace websites

Social media websites like Facebook and google+ will have profiles created by local home inspectors. Search for inspectors in your location will usually reveal a list of providers with reviews. Service marketplace websites like AngiesList, HomeAdvisor, Amazon and Thumbtack are also great places to search. They typically require companies to provide proof of licensing and detailed information on their experience and qualifications. You will usually also find reviews of their service from some of their local clients.

With a little time spent asking around and searching online you should have no problem finding the best home inspector in your area.

Home Inspectors Near Me

How to search for home inspectors near me

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